Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts 2022

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As you’ve can imagine, I’ve tried a LOT of fitness, adventure, and movement oriented products over the years.  Here are some of my top picks for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. Check out the rest of our lists, too!

The Foam Dome

We’ve all seen foam rollers (and will again), but these foam domes are an incredibly versatile tool for the office, gym, and around the house for quick stretch/movement breaks! My favorite size is 18″. It’s more versatile/portable than the bigger ones, but still large enough to comfortably do double leg work. 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Okay, I know what you’re thinking; a water bottle as a gift?! In short, YES! I love these bottles so much that I’ve replaced all my others with them. They insulate (hot and cold) amazingly, and are made of really good quality materials so I feel confident drinking from them at home, in the back country, and at the gym. They come in various sized and styles, but my go-to is the 32oz Wide Mouth Trail Series!

Myofascial Release Ball

These aren’t from a giant company with thousands of reviews. BUT, they are the exact type of small, inflatable ball I use with my clients. They’re gentle vs. the majority of other “fascial” balls and tools out there that area extremely intense. Why? Because fascia responds better to gentle encouragement than forceful beating! So grab a set, keep them mildly deflated, and start leaning on them in sensitive or “tight” areas around your body. You’ll thank me later.

Foam Roller

I told you you’d see the foam roller again! I really like these because their high density foam, so there isn’t much give, but they aren’t excessively spikey like some. I prefer smooth, but firm, to better work your tissue with mild to moderate pressure, instead of trying to beat and abuse it. They’re also fantastic as mobility bolsters and props, not just for rolling.

Yoga Blocks (Not Just For Yoga!)

Of course, if your “giftee” does yoga this is an obvious choice. However, even for non-yogis these high quality foam blocks are a excellent tool for modifying any mobility work. They’re also great as mini steps for targeted hip exercises like the Pelvic List!

Yoga Strap (Mobility Strap)

Just like the Yoga Blocks, these straps aren’t just for yogis. Rigid (non-stretching) straps are an excellent addition to any home flexibility/mobility tool box. Not only that, they’re great for simple isometric excercises, too! 

Yoga Mat

Chances are, your fitness friend already has a yoga mat. BUT, do they have it in a bright, amazing color?? Gaiam is one of the most well known companies, and I trust their products. Pick up a yoga mat to help make floor based workouts comfortable and stable. 

Kettle Bells

With an endless supply of free YouTube workouts, a kettle bell (or two, three, etc.) make are perfect for a home gym with limited or limitless space. I personally really like Pavel Tsatsouline’s kettlebell approach (yes, you can copy and paste that name into your search…)

Theraband Exercise Ball

Some product brands don’t matter very much, but I’m really picky about exercise balls. Theraband is the Gold Standard, and still reasonably priced. Great for using at the office as a chair alternative, and of course for your home gym. P.S. The kids LOVE playing on these, too!


That’s it for this List, but be sure to check out our others, too!