We all slow down as we get older (or so you've been told...)

What if your back wasn’t sore after a hike?

What if your knees didn’t hurt on your next run?

What if you could get that spring in your step back?

Well, you can! But not how you think…

You see, the problem isn’t that you aren’t “exercising…”

After all, you are…

But when you do, it hurts…

The real problem is that you’re trying to build strength on a poor foundation

Biology wired us to be hunter gatherers…

No matter your world view, we can all at least agree that humans began outside, moving around in nature, A LOT…

But that is NOT how we live now…

Our bodies are designed to adapt, but we are adapting to the wrong things…

Even the most active of us grew up surrounded by 4 walls the vast majority of our days…

Sure, as a kid we played outside, and we felt great. But it’s no coincidence that as you got older you became either less active, or more specialised in your activity…

Our bodies need varied movement…

There is no escaping our biology…

But you CAN use this biology to your advantage…

You can rebuild a solid foundation to make up for your lack of natural movement…

You can feel good again…

You can Adventure Forever…

And you can learn EXACTLY how today…

Your Next Epic Story Is Waiting

(Don’t make it wait forever…)

Start Living Again!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything in this program is 100% scalable. From the fittest pros to the eager first timers, you will learn exactly how to prepare YOUR BODY to Adventure Forever.

Yes and No. In both my personal and professional practices, I have carefully curated classic interventions that work (but many have missed…), and explored new ones that work even better based on our current scientific understanding.

Depending on your background, some things may look similar but with some important differences, while others will be completely new to you. 

My name is Chris Gonzales. I’ve been helping outdoor enthusiasts of all levels optimize their performance for over 15 years.

In my early 20s I wrecked by back, and none of the experts could fix me, so I set out on a journey to fix myself instead. In short, I did, and now I empower others to take care of themselves, too! 

As a Sport and Orthopedic Massage Therapist, and Functional Movement Specialists I’ve worked with Olympic Level Athletes, and people who are finally ready to start living an active life for the first time.

The principles in this program are taken from my extensive study and practical application of science based movement and health principles. 

I know what it’s like to not be able to do the active things you love, and I’m on a mission to rescue you from that today!

I do. Both in person in the Colorado Front Range, and Virtually Worldwide via Zoom. Feel Free to reach out at chris@movementtraining.co for more info.

Take Back Control Of Your Life
With These Practical & Tactical Techniques.