True Movement For True Health

We as a culture no longer move our bodies the way they were biologically designed to move.

As a result, our:

  • Health is reduced
  • Fitness is hindered
  • Performance is limited
Unfortunately, our bodies did not come with guide. Until now.

The Functional M.A.P.

When it comes to the body, there is no one size fits all solution. That is why it all starts with a Functional Movement Assessment and Plan (MAP).

First, we sit down and discuss your Functional goals.

  • Want to get on the floor and play with your kids?
  • Are you seeking elite athletic performance?
  • Do you want to garden pain free?

Next, we do a head to toe Movement Assessment. This helps us pinpoint your specific abilities and limitations.

Lastly, we develop a Plan to maintain your current abilities, and address your limitations in order to reach your Functional goals.

What to Expect

The Functional M.A.P. consists of three, one hour sessions PLUS a series of online videos to help reinforce what you learned in those sessions (purchased as a bundle.) The results of the Functional M.A.P. will determine your daily movement routine, weekly exercises, and any future sessions that may be needed. 

Session 1

We will discuss your functional goals, assess the lower body, and learn lower body maintenance strategies. 

Session 2

We will assess the upper body, and learn upper body maintenance strategies. Plus we will set up your portal for review videos.

Session 3

We will learn specific exercises to improve your 2-3 most relevant limitations, and discuss what to do moving forward. 

Ready to get started?