How Is Functional Massage Therapy™ Different?

Functional Massage Therapy™ is a term I coined to better describe my approach to client care. While candles, oils, and relaxation massages are amazing, those are not what I do. Functional Massage Therapy™  is all about making lasting biological and neurological changes in your body. In order to do this, I merge manual therapy and movement reeducation in order to best communicate with your tissue. 

Most of the soft tissue work I do consists of long, sustained holds to tell the cells exactly what they need to start doing again. Once we begin the process of change using manual therapy techniques, we reinforce them with bodyweight movement exercises both in office, and at home with Movement Homework. The Movement Homework is a very important piece of the puzzle. The purpose of this homework is to maintain what we have done in office, and to continue improving upon what we have done. 

Because of the active and interactive nature of this style of work, all sessions are done clothed. (Men: Athletic shorts and a loose t-shirt, Women: Athletic shorts, sports bra, and tank-top or loose t-shirt.) 

In every session, I focus a lot on client education and empowerment. The reason I consider myself a Human Movement Consultant is because at the end of the day, the responsibility to take care of your body is yours. I’m here to consult, assist, educate, and guide; but only you have the power to make lasting changes in your body.

You can do this, you are more than capable, and I’m here for you every step of the way.

About The Author: Chris Gonzales is the owner and founder of The Movement Training Company and Functional Massage Therapy™. He is a Human Movement Consultant, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer with offices in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. He also has regular Virtual Office Hours for working one on one with long distance clients, as well as prerecorded online programs available on

When he’s not helping people live happier, healthier lives, you can probably find Chris in the Colorado Rockies rock climbing, trail running, or hiking with his wife and two children.