S3: The Serious Strength System™

S3 Six Week Beta Test Guidelines

  1. Must have internet access.
  2. Must have access to a pullup bar and a suspension trainer or waist height bar. (Rings, TRX straps, a towel wrapped around a bar, etc.)
  3. Be willing to work really hard.
  4. Commit to the 2 day a week workout schedule, with 2 rest days in between each session.
  5. Fill out and submit training journal accordingly (takes 2 minutes during your workout time).
  6. Active participation in Facebook Cohort Group (nothing fancy, just say how your workout is going, how it feels, questions, comments, etc.)
  7. No additional workouts or training. Recovery is key, so this is to prevent over training.
  8. No highly restrictive diet (taken case by case.) Again, recovery is key so enough calories and a variety of nutrients are essential for muscle recovery and growth.
  9. Take before and after photos that may or may not be used in marketing (face can be blurred to protect privacy).

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