Feet Matter.

They are more than floppy bags of bones at the ends of your legs. They are dynamic foundations for your entire body.

Minimalist Shoe Basics

My Favorite Minimalist Shoe Companies*

I love Xero Shoes and sandals. Their TerraFlex Trail Shoe is hands down the one I use most.

Earthrunners feel the most natural, and look the most “normal.” The Circadian Lifestyle Sandals quickly jumped to the top of my list.

Vivobarefoot has the widest variety, and also the widest toe boxes I’ve found. Their Scott Leather Boot has been a winter life saver! 

Ready for the next step?

The Functional Feet Program™ will give you everything you need to know to transition to a more natural way of using your feet.

You’ll learn:
– Foot Anatomy Basics
– Foot Anatomy vs Shoe Anatomy
– Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Foot Strengthening
– Mobility Training
– Texture Training
– Transitioning Schedule

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*This page contains affiliate links and we may receive compensated for referrals. I have decided to partner with these companies because I love their products, I don’t pretend to love their products just because I’ve partnered with them.