Stop waking up tired.

Our Step-By-Step Program will help you say goodnight to restless nights for good.

We'll teach you exactly how to optimize both sleep Quantity and Quality.

The Sleep Hygiene Audit

The Audit is designed to show you exactly what you're doing now, and what should do throughout the day to prime your body for sleep.

The Sleep Worksheet

Our Step-By-Step Worksheet will craft your perfect, personalized bedtime plan to optimize your sleep quantity and quality.

Step-By-Step Video Guides

We will walk you through the program, step-by-step. Simple click play and follow along with each Guide.

Here’s a crazy question for you:

What if you woke up every morning feeling amazing?

Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. We’re about to show you exactly how.

You're Not Alone


Of Adults Struggle To Fall Asleep


Of Americans Don't Get Enough Sleep


Simple Course Can Change All Of That

How It Works

The Sleep Hygiene Audit

  • Section 1: During the Day
  • Section 2: Leading Up To Bedtime Routine
  • Section 3: Bedtime Routine
  • Section 4: Bedroom Environment
  • Section 5: Middle of The Night Wakeups
  • Section 6: Sleep Procrastination

The Sleep Worksheet

  • Section 1: Finding Your “Why”
  • Section 2: Building a Bedtime Routine
  • Section 3: Calculating Your Bedtime
  • Section 4:  Creating Your Night Timeline

Step-By-Step Video Guides

  • HD Videos taking you through the process.
  • Short, easy to follow and digest videos.
  • Lifetime Access 

Everyone Deserves A Good Night Sleep

Including you. Learn the simple, yet powerful steps to get consistent high quality sleep.
frequently asked questions

Still have questions?

Forever! You can go through the steps as quickly or slowly as you like. We highly recommend you re-evaluate yourself with the Sleep Hygiene Audit at least twice a year to keep yourself on track.

The program is laid out in order, but the pace you choose is up to you. If you’re ready to dive in head first, you could finish it in an afternoon. If you want to do one section at a time, it will take closer to a week.

Yes and No. You have the option to access the program, print off all the written material, and then do it all off-line. However, you will need internet access to view the optional video resources.

No. We believe in lifestyle and habit adjustment to empower you to sleep without the crutch of pharmaceuticals. 

That is between you and your doctor. With the improvements of lifestyle factors, some people may feel ready to have that discussion with the medical provider.

Want to sleep well tonight?

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