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Build the Strength, Control, and Raw Confidence to explore the wild.
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time-strapped professionals.

It’s finally the weekend, so you grab your gear and hit the trail…

The air is crisp, the sun coveres your entire body.

You’re free.

And then it happens…

Your foot slips off that chunky root you’ve cleared a thousand times.

Your ankle rolls.

You know something is wrong.

You know what this means…

Multiple weekends wasted.

Countless hours scrolling, living vicariously through Instagramers.

Sunny days spent sinking deeper into the couch, longing to smell the fresh scent of the trees.

You even miss the dog poop bags littering the trailhead.

You begin to spiral.

Maybe this is just part of getting older.

Maybe the adventures that used to fuel you are getting too risky.

Maybe you have to stick to the sidewalks like everyone else at the office does…


My name is Chris Gonzales, and I have been exactly where you are!

I was plagued by ankle injuries since my early teens.

The doctors told me to stop doing “risky” activities, or the damage would be permanent. 

I’m so glad I didn’t listen.

Being active is what makes me feel alive.

Adventures are what feed my soul.

Now I can go Whenever I Want.

That is why I’ve devoted my life to helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts keep doing what they love.

Teaching them the non-typical ways to train their bodies for the non-typical things we do.

Helping them prepare their bodies to Adventure Forever.

And I’m here to help you, too.

No more ankle sprains.

No more near misses.

No more anxiety spikes on those sketchy scree fields.

Just the raw confidence to hit the trails without a worry

The ability to recharge outdoors at a moment’s notice.

The exact tools adventurers like us need to keep on going.

Let’s do this!

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What's In The Program

No matter your fitness or experience levels, we will guide you through the exact progressions you need to bulletproof your ankles.

We get it, you’re busy. We’ve made it easy to review all the exercises at a quick glance. 

What gets measured gets done. Our 30-Day Training Journal makes it easy to record your progress, and keep you on track.

When you’re at your desk, wishing you weren’t, make the most of it. These subtle strengthening exercises will complement your Ankle Training, and keep you a little happier at the office.

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