Two Brands, One Company.

I’ve officially launched a sub brand of The Movement Training Company LLC called Functional Massage Therapy™.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything if you book a session with one versus the other. This is simply to help clarify my messages and explain how my services will be hugely beneficial to two different demographics. While I’ll be doing much of the same work with both, the language used will vary to help explain my unique approach in a way that makes sense to both demographics. Here’s the general breakdown, with of course plenty of cross over since it’s still me as the therapist/trainer either way.

Movement Training Co. is focused on athletes, adventurers, and weekend warriors. The tagline is “Adventure Forever,” and is focused on helping empower people to keep doing what they love, or get back to doing what they love after an injury. 

Functional Massage Therapy™ is focused on people dealing with chronic pain or similar problems keeping them from doing their daily activities. The tagline here is “Reconnect with your body, reclaim your life.” The intensity will often be much lower on the movement side of things, with more body work needed before using gentle movement to reinforce the manual therapy changes.

Again, they’re two sides to the same coin, I’m just choosing to use two distinct brands in order to clarify my message so that I can better reach and serve two unique demographics.

About The Author: Chris Gonzales is the owner and founder of The Movement Training Company and Functional Massage Therapy™. He is a Human Movement Consultant, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer with offices in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. He also has regular Virtual Office Hours for working one on one with long distance clients, as well as prerecorded online programs available on

When he’s not helping people live happier, healthier lives, you can probably find Chris in the Colorado Rockies rock climbing, trail running, or hiking with his wife and two children.