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I know we covered a lot, so here’s a review, plus some bonuses. Take a look around this Dashboard I made just for you, and feel free to explore the rest of the site, too. ACT FAST THOUGH, this dashboard will only be live through October 1st!

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Step 1: Connect On Social

If you want to learn more exercises, concepts, and help me out, I offer a bunch For Free on Social. So make sure to give all the accounts a follow.

Step 2: Presentation Recap

Review these slides, and fill in your notes with all your key takeaways. The sooner you revisit and fill in the notes, the more you’ll remember and be able to use in the future! 

Step 3: Whole Body Routine

We covered some of these Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) in the lecture, but I want you to have access to the Whole Body Routine, too! This is a excerpt from the Joint Care and Maintenance 101 Program where we dive deeper into the details, but this will get you started on your Functional Movement Journey. 

Things to remember:

  • You get what you put into this.
  • Remember to use your body tension like we talked about with the elbow example.
  • Nothing should hurt! If it does, make smaller circles or decrease body tension.
  • Do this OFTEN. It’s a great warmup for golf, training, or as a morning routine. 

Step 4: Dive Deeper

If you want to learn more about the Functional Movement Philosophy, let’s chat. You can book a Free 15 Minute Discovery Session to see what working together to grow both personally and professionally would look like.

The Functional M.A.P.

When it comes to the body, there is no one size fits all solution. That is why it all starts with a Functional Movement Assessment and Plan (M.A.P.).

First, we sit down and discuss your Functional goals.

  • Want to get on the floor and play with your kids?
  • Are you seeking elite athletic performance?
  • Do you want to golf pain free?

Next, we do a head to toe Movement Assessment. This helps us pinpoint your specific abilities and limitations.

Lastly, we develop a Plan to maintain your current abilities, and address your limitations in order to reach your Functional goals.

What to Expect

The Functional M.A.P. consists of three, one hour sessions PLUS a series of online videos to help reinforce what you learned in those sessions (purchased as a bundle.) The results of the Functional M.A.P. will determine your daily movement routine, weekly exercises, and your plan moving forward.

Session 1

We will discuss your functional goals, assess the lower body, and learn lower body maintenance strategies. 

Session 2

We will assess the upper body, and learn upper body maintenance strategies. Plus we will set up your portal for review videos.

Session 3

We will learn specific exercises to improve your 2-3 most relevant limitations, and discuss what to do moving forward. 

Ready For Your MAP?

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